Department of Psychiatry, Addiction and Medical Psychology

Department of Psychiatry, Addiction and Medical Psychology

Mukhamadieva Nigina Bakhodirovna

Head of Department

Staff of the department

Mukhtorova Hakikat Karimzhanovna
Associate Professor
Kuchkarov Umid Ilyosovich
Associate Professor
Ergasheva Yulduz Yuldoshevna
Associate Professor
Rustamov Uygun Tursunovich
Tilavov Maruf Tulkinovich
Tilavov Maruf Tulkinovich
Shodieva Feruza Beshimovna
Karimova Sadokat Sharif qizi
Hamroyev Sayid Bakaevich

History of the department

The history of the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology is an integral part of the Institute’s history. After the foundation of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, by order of the rector Professor A.I. Muminov, in 1993, the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology was formed, which was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Rifat Rizaevich Shakir-Aliyev. 1996-1998 the department was headed by the chief physician of the Bukhara regional psychoneurological dispensary Khamro Salievich Khamdamov. In the period from 1998-2012, the department was headed by Khakikat Karimzhanovna Mukhtarova.

It was she who laid the foundation for the regional scientific school of psychiatry. Under her leadership, talented students were accepted into clinical residency and master’s programs. To date, more than 40 graduates work in the departments of the regional psycho-neurological hospital and the narcological dispensary, who make a significant contribution to the improvement of the regional psychiatric and narcological service.

Khakikat Karimzhanovna proposed and implemented: a subtle clinical analysis, a structural-dynamic approach to diagnostics, special attention and thorough knowledge of general psychopathology, the need for psychiatric literature, close cooperation with practical healthcare, a modern pedagogical process, the desire to learn psychiatry from primary sources. For many years M.K.Kenzhaev, L.F.Abdullaeva worked as assistants at the department. In the footsteps of mentors, U.I. Kuchkarov, Y.Y. Ergasheva, N.B. Mukhamadieva, U.T.Rustamov.

Young specialists were engaged in research in the field of suicidology, narcology, psychosomatics and somatopsychiatry. Since 2000 (to the present), by order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the solution of issues of forensic psychiatric examination was entrusted to a team led by H.K. Mukhtarova.

On September 6, 2019, Mukhamadieva Nigina Bakhodirovna was appointed head of the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology.

She and the staff of the department: associate professors Mukhtarova H.K., Kuchkarov U.I., Ergasheva Y.Y., assistants Rustamov U.T., Tilavov M.T., Nazarov A.I., Yodgorov Zh.Zh., Juraev Sh.Zh. to write the next pages of the history of the department

About the department

The department teaches at the medical, international, pediatric, medical-preventive, medical-pedagogical and dental faculties, as well as the faculty of traditional medicine of the institute. The department constantly trains masters and residents.

Every year, staff and masters of the department publish 15-20 scientific articles, speak at congresses, symposiums, conferences. All employees of the department conduct active medical and advisory work in the departments of hospitals – clinical bases of the department.

A scientific student circle is constantly working at the department. The most prepared students conduct (under the guidance of teachers) clinical research. Their results are reported at student scientific conferences and have been repeatedly awarded prizes. Some of the most informative works have been published in scientific journals. 15-20 students regularly participate in the work of the circle.

Throughout the years of its existence, the department has been actively engaged in educational, methodological, scientific work. For many decades, students have been studying psychiatry and medical psychology from textbooks written by department heads or with their active participation.

Clinical bases

Main directions of scientific activity of the department

                                                                         Clinical Psychiatry:

  • Mental disorders in the comparative age-related pathodynamic aspect
  • Determination of correlations between personal predisposition, clinical picture and disease prognosis
  • Determination of the ratios of cognitive, volitional and affective structural components of various psychopathologies
  • Search for clinical and social factors of behavioral implementation of various psychopathologies
  • Identification of predictors of aggressive and auto-aggressive behavior of mental patients
  • Psychopathology in addictology
  • Depression and personality disorders

                                                               Social psychiatry:

  • Reactions of the family environment to the mental illness of a relative
  • Psychosocial compliance factors in psychiatry
  • Development of primary psychoprophylaxis programs in schools and universities
  • Development of criteria for the effectiveness of various psychotherapeutic interventions
  • Reactions of the personality to the transferred psychosis, the internal picture of the disease and the relationship of these parameters

                                                           Biological Psychiatry:

  • Biological correction of therapeutic resistance in psychiatry

  • Neuroimmunological research in psychiatry

  • Neurophysiological research in psychiatry

Educational and methodological activities

The main base of the department is the Bukhara regional neuropsychiatric dispensary, located along the Gazli highway. The second base is located in the Bukhara branch of the Republican Narcological Scientific and Practical Medical Center.

In both centers, students are taught the basics of disciplines, planned, controversial consultations are held.

The department employees 3 Doctors of Philosophy, 3 associate professors, 1 doctor of philosophy and assistants with extensive experience in pedagogical, medical and scientific work. The main scientific and practical direction of the department is forensic psychiatry.

Subjects are taught in classrooms equipped with modern technology (stationary computers, audio and video equipment, multimedia projector, laptop). The material and technical base of the department is improving year after year.

In recent years, subjects have been taught in English to students of the International Faculty.

The staff of the department prepared and published 5 teaching aids and more than 20 guidelines on various sections of psychiatry, narcology, medical psychology.

The department publishes teaching materials not only for bachelors and masters, but also for students of the FPK, in which students are engaged in practical classes.

Scientific activity of the department

In the sources reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan, over the past period, the staff of the department has published more than 200 articles.

The staff of the department make scientific reports at Republican, All-Russian and international conferences, congresses and symposia.

The student scientific circle and student scientific society are working successfully. Every year, 5-6 reports on topical issues of modern psychiatry and narcology are presented at different conferences; in 2020, a student of the pediatric faculty Dinara Nasimova won 2 republican Olympiads (1st and 2nd places).






Anxiety scale in assessing the effectiveness of treatment of neurotic disorders

Mukhamadieva N.B.

Mukhtorova Kh.K.

Rustamov U.T.

Ergasheva Yu.Y.

Kuchkorov U. I.

№ DGU 07952


Assessing the degree of depression and creating a treatment algorithm for exogenous mental illness

Mukhamadieva N.B.

Mukhtorova Kh.K.

Rustamov U.T.

Ergasheva Yu.Y.

Kuchkorov U. I.

№  DGU 07951


Syndromology of mental disorders

Mukhtorova Kh.K.

Mukhamadieva N.B.



Planned scientific research

  Dissertation research:

Topic name

FULL NAME. head,

position, academic degree,

academic title

FULL NAME. performers,

position, academic degree,

academic title

Registration number (if any)


Improvement of diagnostics and treatment of patients with psychosomatic pathology (in a somatic clinic)

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Magzumova Sh.Sh.

Ph.D. Mukhamadieva N.B.


Mental disorders in malignant tumors of the stomach and duodenum, ways of their correction

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alimov U.Kh.

Ass. Rustamov U.T.



Suicidal behavior of persons with disabling somatic diseases, optimization of approaches to its correction and prevention

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Tursunkhodzhaeva L.A.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assoc. Ergasheva Yu.Y.



Clinical and social effectiveness of cognitive disorders assessment and modern methods of treatment of patients with endogenous mental diseases

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Khodzhaeva N.I.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assoc. Kuchkarov U.I.


The international cooperation

Within the framework of cooperation, the staff of the department regularly take part in joint projects with colleagues from local and foreign universities, as well as with the Republican and International Association of Psychiatrists.

The staff of the department regularly improves their qualifications in republican and foreign centers. They actively participate in academic mobility programs.

International cooperation with the World Association of Psychiatrists, the Belarusian Society of Psychiatrists

International Conference of Psychiatrists, Russia, Makhachkala, 2019

European Congress of Psychiatrists, Nice, France, 2018

Cooperation with the Society of Psychiatrists of Russia

Joint educational project with colleagues from Russia

Spiritual and educational activities

Treatment work

All employees of the department conduct medical activities at clinical sites.

Regular clinical rounds and consultations, medical advisory commissions with the participation of the department staff are carried out, as well as issues of forensic psychiatric examination.

Scientific and practical conferences are periodically organized; consultative reception is actively conducted by the staff of the department in all departments of the hospital and in the outpatient part of the dispensary.

Meetings of psychiatrists of the Bukhara region are regularly held, at which topical problems and interesting clinical cases from practice are discussed. The meetings are attended not only by specialists from hospitals, but also doctors from the districts of the region, polyclinics and city hospitals, masters, residents, as well as senior students.

In addition, the staff of the department is actively involved in improving the skills of employees of regional medical institutions, providing advice in remote regions of the region.