Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Khudoyderdiyev Dilshod Karimovich

Dean of the Faculty

Dean's of the faculty

Nasrieva Lola Zainievna
deputy dean
Yarikulov Shukhrat Shokirovich
deputy dean
Ismatullayev Abdullo Nasrullayevich
Deputy dean for spiritual and educational affairs
Kholmurodova Gulrukh Khakhramonovna
Шукурова Наргиза Талибжановна
Sharipova Nilufar Akhadovna
Shirinova Shakhlola Umarovna
Khusenova Azima Samoydinovna
Baratova Sanoat Raupovna
Rajabova Zarnigor Nematullayevna

History of the faculty

 The Faculty of TREATMENT has been operating as part of the Bukhara State Medical Institute since its foundation in 1990.

         The faculty was founded in 1991-1992 by Associate Professor U.H. Hasanov, 1992-1993, after the faculty was headed by: Associate Professor R.D. Davronov, 1993-1994, Professor U.B. Bekmurodov, 1995-1996, Professor Z. J. Jalolov, in 1996-1998, Associate Professor I.A. Mirkhodzhaev, in 1998-2002, Associate Professor R.Sh. Kurbanov, professor Sh.J Teshaev. in 2002-2007, in 2007-2009, Associate Professor F.E. Nurboev, in 2009-2012, Associate Professor N.Kh. Vohidov, professor Sh.J. Teshaev in 2012-2018, in 2018 associate professor F. Khamroev, and from 2018 to the present day the faculty is headed by professor B.B.Safoev.

                                                                     Deans of the Faculty of Medicine.

Khasanov Utkir Kholmurodovich 1991-1992

Davronov Rakhmon Davronovich 1992-1993

Bekmurodov Uktam Bekmurodovich 1993-1994

Zhalolov Zukhriddin Zhalolovich 1995-1996

Mirkhodjaev Islam Asrorovich 1996-1998

Kurbanov Rajab Sharipovich 1998-2002

Teshaev Shukhrat Zhumaevich 2002 -2007

Nurbaev Farmon Ergashevich 2007-2009

Vohidov Nuriddin Hikmatovich 2009-2012

Teshaev Shukhrat Zhumaevich 2012 -2018

Khamrayev Farhad 2018 -2018

Safoev Bahodir Barnoevich 2018 – to this day

The faculty prepares doctors in the specialty “General Practitioner” in the direction of “Treatment” – 5720100. The term of study at the faculty is 6 years.

      Students from all regions of our country study at the Faculty of General Medicine. In addition, students from foreign and CIS countries have been studying. The number of students at the faculty is growing.

                                                5-year movement of students from provincial areas.

Region2016-2017 study year2017-2018 study year2018-2019 study year2019-2020 study year2021-2022 study year
10·         Surkhandarya2437271820
11Tashkent p14324
12Tashkent c1159
14·         Khorezm.13225

                                                        Movement of students from foreign countries



Study year

20172018 study year2018-2019study year2019-2020study year2020-2021study year

           In the period 1991-2020, 4817 students were admitted to the medical faculty and 4792 students were graduated.

                                                                5 year movement of graduate student.


Study year




Показател освоения


Research work

             The scientific council of the Faculty of General Medicine consists of 22 professors, the chairman of the trade union, the chairman of the youth movement and 6 students. The faculty has developed an action plan for the systematic organization of spiritual and educational work, increasing the intellectual potential, consciousness and worldview of students, strengthening ideological immunity, educating a harmoniously developed generation living in patriotism, love and devotion to the people. The Academic Council of the Faculty analyzes the course of educational, methodological, scientific, spiritual and educational work of young people, the level of use of interactive methods, corrects the shortcomings and measures that are necessary.

Structure of the scientific council

Full namePosition
1B.B.SafoevDean of the Faculty
2S.S.DavlatovHead of Education Quality Department, Deputy Chairman
3 T.Sh.BoltaevVice Dean for Academic Affairs
4L.Z.NasrievaDeputy Dean for Academic Affairs
5F.I.IbragimovaScientific Secretary
6M.R.TurdievHead of the educational department
7O.M.KubanovHead of the Department of General Surgery
8R.D.DavronovHead of the Department of Histology, Cytology
9N.B.MuhammadievaHead of the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology
10J.J.MardonovHead of the Department of Traumatology VA Neurosurgery
11D.I.TuqsanovaHead of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 2
12B.Z.HamdamovHead of the Department of Faculty and Hospital Surgery
13M.A.AbdullaevaHead of the Department of Pathological Physiology
14M.N.BadriddinovaHead of the Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology
15 M.S.SharopovaHead of the Academic Section of the Department of General Surgery
16Sh.D.DavronovaЗаведующий учебной частью кафедры гистологии, цитологии
17Y.Y.ErgashevaHead of the Academic Department of the Department of Psychiatry VA Narcology
18B.U.HamroevHead of the Academic Department of the Department of Traumatology in Neurosurgery
19F.K.AbdullaevHead of the educational department of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 2
20J.S.GiyosovHead of the Academic Section of the Department of Faculty and Hospital Surgery
21L.V.KadirovaHead of the Academic Department of the Department of Pathological Physiology
22G.H.RajabovaHead of the Academic Department of the Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology