Scientific direction

Scientific direction


The composition of the scientific staff of the department

Teaching staff with a scientific degreeTeaching staff with an academic titleBasic doctoral studentSelf-employed applicantGraduate student
4 PhD2 associate professor3 (PhD)76

Defending professor-teachers

No.Full nameProtection themeProtection number
1.Akhmedova Nilufar SharipovnaDiagnostic predictors and ways to prevent the development of chronic kidney disease (PhD)26.10.2019
2.Ismatova Mehriniso NasritdinovnaState of vascular platelet hemostasis in insulin resistance syndrome (PhD)  22.12.2020
3.Abdullaeva Umida KurbanovnaPrediction of atrophic transformation in chronic Helicobacter-associated gastritis (PhD)2.07.2021
4.Makhmudova Lola IzzatiloevnaAssessment of quality of life in different types of irritable bowel syndrome with micronutrient imbalance (PhD)26.10.2021

Professors and lecturers are currently working on scientific topics

No.Full nameTopic of current scientific work
1.Akhmedova Nilufar SharipovnaEvaluation of the effectiveness of modern laboratory diagnostics and treatment of chronic kidney diseases of various etiologies (DSc)
2.Ismatova Mehriniso NasritdinovnaMorphofunctional changes in the kidneys in chronic hepatitis C in patients with COVID-19 (DSc)
3.Abdullaeva Umida KurbanovnaMorphological changes in ulcerative colitis (DSc)
4.Makhmudova Lola IzzatiloevnaMorphological features in irritable bowel syndrome (DSc)
5.Mukhammedzhanova Mastura HayatovnaFerrokinetic predictors for the diagnosis of anemia in patients with chronic hepatitis C and heart failure (PhD)
6.Kayumov Laziz KholmurodovichSpecificity and diagnostic predictors of the development of chronic heart failure in acquired heart diseases (PhD)
7.Makhmudov Ravshan BarraevichModern aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of aplasia in patients with chronic viral hepatitis B (PhD)
8.Ergashev Bobir BakhodirovichPredicting and preventing the development of cardiac arrhythmias during chemotherapy in cancer patients (PhD)
9.Amonov Muҳammad KomilovichComparative analysis of the role of podocyte dysfunction in the development of nephropathy in hypertensive patients with and without COVID-19 (PhD)
10.Safarova Gulnoz AvazkhonovnaStudy of renal dysfunction in “conditionally healthy” people at different stages of COVID-19 (PhD)
11.Umurova Nigora MavlyanovnaFeatures of the course and complications of hay fever in ecologically unfavorable conditions of the Bukhara region (PhD)

Scientific products of the teaching staff of the department

MonographMethodical recommendationArticles
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