Spiritual and educational work

Over the years of independent development Uzbekistan has changed people’s thinking and worldview. A new generation has emerged that sees its vision in strengthening democratic values, liberalizing economic and political life and renewing society.

Today, the teaching staff of the department is working on

the main task – to make sure that our younger generation is enriched with knowledge, to raise their morale, to help them gain self-confidence and the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Spiritual and educational work in dormitories is also a constant focus of the department. All conditions for independent rest and work have been created for students living in the hostel. The hostel has a library and a reading room, a room of spirituality and enlightenment, a sports club. The purpose of students’ leisure in dormitories is to organize reading evenings in the reading room, meetings in the spiritual and educational room, round tables, various competitions in the sports club.