Faculty of Medical Pedagogy Higher Nursing and Pharmacy

<strong>Faculty of Medical Pedagogy Higher Nursing and Pharmacy</strong>

Rajabova Gulchekhra Khamroyevna

Head of the department

Staff of the faculty

Djumayev Karomat Shoimovich
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Eshanqulov Alijon Khaydarovich
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Khudratova Nigora Umurovna
Deputy Dean for Spiritual and Educational Work
Tokhirova Maftuna Bozorovna
Ochilova Nodira Khamroyevna
Makhmudova Ra`no Maksudovna
Shodiyeva Saykal Ravshanovna
Ochilova Lobarjon Shukhratovna

History of the faculty

By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 10.11.1998, in September 1999, a department in the specialty “higher nursing” and from June 15, 2001 “Medical pedagogy” was opened as part of the medical faculty of the Bukhara State Institute.

According to Resolution No. 250 of June 12, 2001 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on June 15, 2001, Order No. 271 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the opening of the direction of medical pedagogy (vocational education) was issued. In 2007, on November 5, by order of the Rector No. 57/1-1, the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy and Higher Nursing was founded.

Since the establishment of the faculty, a lot of work has been done to improve the quality of education, new methods of conducting classes have been developed. The departments of the faculty have 6 educational and clinical bases, 7 lecture halls and more than 50 classrooms. In addition, hospitals, clinics, computers and classrooms are equipped with modern educational furniture, computers and multimedia projectors. The department is located in clinical bases, which students have the opportunity to acquire modern practical skills. Computers available at all departments are connected to the Internet for teaching and research.

To date, the number of students enrolled in the 2-6 courses of the faculty is 513 people in the specialty. Since 2021, the faculty has stopped enrolling students.

The forms and methods of the educational process are constantly being updated and improved. At the faculty, students study according to the credit-modular system in accordance with the Bologna educational process. To this end, in the pedagogical process, much attention is paid to such methods as self-preparation of students, solving test problems, acquiring practical skills. The rating system allows for more creative use of teaching and control methods, taking into account the individual training of students.

The training is conducted in Uzbek, Russian and English in accordance with the qualification requirements of a doctor of medicine (attending physician) in the direction of “Professional education (medical care)” – 5111000 and higher nursing – 60911200    and pharmatsiya  – 60910700.

Material and spiritual support of teachers and students is carried out systematically. The best students are awarded scholarships of the President of Uzbekistan, the Ibn Sina scholarship, I.A. Karimov scholarships and other nominal scholarships.

The scientific work carried out by the scientists of the faculty is closely connected with the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel and specialists in the requirements of practical healthcare. It should also be noted that the faculty’s scientists regularly participate in competitions for grants for research.

Much attention is paid to working with gifted students, they took an active part in the work of student scientific circles, represented the institute at republican Olympiads, made presentations at republican and international scientific conferences, were awarded diplomas. Some of them have identified topics for future master’s and doctoral theses.

At the faculty, students undergo practical training in the following areas: junior nurse, nurse, doctor’s assistant, professional pedagogy and psychology.

                                                                       Rajabova Gulchekhra Khamroevna

                                                                        Born in 1978 in Bukhara district.  

In 2002 he successfully graduated from the Faculty of treatment of Bukhara State Medical Institute

Specialty therapist

In 2021, he defended in the specialty 14.00.43 – Preventive Medicine, 14.00.05-Internal Medicine.

2006 -2011 assistant of the Department of international UNESCO and Oriental Medicine of Bukhara State Medical Institute

Senior lecturer at the Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology in 2012-2022

Dean of the Faculty of medical pedagogy and higher nursing since 2022

Scientific research

Scientists of the departments of the faculty actively participate in research work. In clinical units, therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive scientific research is carried out to improve the quality and results of medical services. More than 30 teachers of the faculty have improved their qualifications in major foreign centers, many of our teachers have participated in prestigious international conferences and paid attention to the relevance of their speeches. The results of scientific research are actively published in international and national publications. Scientific work is carried out jointly with leading clinics and specialists of the world.

The faculty has 8 doctors of medical sciences, 23 candidates of medical sciences. It should be noted that the faculty has 4 professors and 13 associate professors.

Spiritual and educational work of the faculty

One of the main activities of the faculty is the formation of students’ moral values, interest in professional activity, the need for a healthy lifestyle, involvement in the social and cultural activities of the Institute. To fulfill these tasks, the faculty has a pedagogical council, which carries out its activities in accordance with the approved plan. In each group of the faculty there is a coach who is chosen from experienced teachers. Since the 2021-2022 academic year, a staff of instructors has been allocated, which they fully deal with the moral conditions, upbringing and problems of second and third-year students. In order to spend their free time usefully, students of the faculty, under the guidance of coaches, participate in mass events, amateur performances, visit historical   monuments and sights of Bukhara, other cities of the republic, theaters and museums.

Students of the faculty take part in various creative competitions held in the republic. Much attention is paid to physical culture and sports. Students of the faculty are engaged in football, tennis, chess, basketball, volleyball, kurash, sambo and athletics, operating on the basis of the sports complex of our institute. They also take honorary places in regional and republican sports competitions. 

The Faculty has a Faculty Council, which meets every month and solves problematic issues of the faculty.

Faculty board members

  1. Rajabova G. – Doctor of philosophy in medical sciences, Dean of the Faculty

  2. Djumayev K. – Deputy Dean

  3. Jonibekov J.J. – Deputy Dean

  4. Eshonqulov A. – Deputy Dean

  5. Ismatova M.N. – Doctor of philosophy in medical sciences, associate professor, head of the department “Facultative and hospital therapy nephrology and hemodialysis”

  6. Mamedov U.S. – Doctor of Medical Sciences Head of the Department of Oncology and Medical Radiology

  7. Ikhtiyarova G.A. – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1

  8. Urakov Sh.T. – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Surgical Diseases and Resuscitation

  9. Khadjaeva D.T – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of “Neurology”

  10. Nurov U. I. – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology

  11. Boltaev KD – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Hematology and Diagnostics of the Clinical Laboratory

  12. Boltayeva NozimaSecretary of the Faculty Council