Bulletin of fundamental and clinic medicine, 2022 №1

Subject of the article



Komilov Safar Ortikovich, Mirkhodzhaev Islom Asrorovich


Bukhara State Medical Institute


A study of intravital morphological structures of the liver with different sizes and localization of hydatid cysts of the liver in different age groups of patients revealed the following: the liver tissue in areas in close proximity to the echinococcal cyst is subject to the most pronounced changes. This is manifested both by a violation of the beam structure of the liver, and by dystrophic changes in the hepatocytes themselves. In remote areas of the liver parenchyma, with small and medium-sized echinococcal cysts, slight dystrophic changes in hepatocytes are found, while with giant cysts, these changes are more pronounced and diffuse, which requires the surgeon to carefully preoperative preparation.

Key words

liver echinococcus, morphological studies of parasitic cysts, age groups.


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