Bulletin of fundamental and clinic medicine, 2022 №5

Subject of the article



Makhmatmuradova N.N.


Samarkand State Medical University


With nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, violations of the immunocompetent cells of the peripheral bloodstream occur in the form of a change in the concentration of serum cytokines - IL-1β, IL-17A. They determine the production of acute phase proteins, fibrinogen, the level of leukocytosis and the level of SRE. The relationship between changes in the concentration of interleukins and the severity of the pathology was established. The foregoing confirms the undoubted participation of interleukins at the beginning and in the process of the formation of the pathological process, especially in patients with moderate and severe course, and to a lesser extent in patients with mild ones.

Key words

nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, blood plazma, interleukins.


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